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A number of important legal steps to gradual, legal U.S. residence are needed after a family petition or work visa. In Des Moines, central Iowa, statewide and nationally, the experienced immigration lawyer who can explain these steps to you is Sonia Parras, founder of the Law Office of Sonia Parras, PLLC.

For almost 20 years of family-based immigration practice, and assistance for citizenship and naturalization clients, Sonia Parras has made a positive difference in many lives — those of individuals, couples and families here in the U.S. and abroad. She is an attorney who believes in educating you, guiding you and advocating for you, as you fight to live and work where you and your loved ones call "home."

Ms. Parras excels at full-service representation for clients in a broad range of naturalization cases such as:

  • Citizenship for children born outside of the country, in situations where one or both parents are already citizens
  • Filing for certificate of citizenship or U.S. passport
  • Citizenship by "derivation" through naturalization or U.S. birth of one parent
  • Submission of naturalization petitions to authorities such as United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Applicants for naturalization must establish evidence of good moral character for the statutory period. Conduct and acts prior to that period may be researched and examined by the Department of Homeland Security. Failure to support dependents and accumulation of criminal convictions may subject the applicant to a denial of a petition, and cause him or her to be considered for removal (deportation) from the country.

Do you have questions about the citizenship and naturalization legal process? Temporary and permanent residents alike should contact the Law Office of Sonia Parras, PLLC, in Des Moines.

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